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  1. Professor

    • Takafumi Koseki Takafumi Koseki Transportation system, Design and control of electromagnetic actuator
  2. Guest Researcher

    • Zhou Fulin Zhou Fulin �@
  3. Technical Staff

    • Yasuhiro Takada Yasuhiro Takada Production of measurement devices (Safety and sanitary management)
  4. Secretary

      Yukako Matsuzaki Yukako Matsuzaki Technology of Train
  5. Doctor course the 3rd.

    • Warayut  KAMPEERAWAT Warayut KAMPEERAWAT Energy managment in DC Railway system
  6. Doctor course the 2nd.

    • Salman  Ahmed Salman Ahmed Sensorless air gap estimation for electromagnetic levitation
  7. Doctor course the 1st.

    • Xiaoke Wang Xiaoke Wang In discussion
  8. Master course the 2nd.

    • Kodai Takeda Kodai Takeda Characteristic and Method of Connecting Primary Coils for Multiple Transmitters Activated by Single Power Source for Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
    • Kazuki Awaki Kazuki Awaki Design of infrastructure, scheduling and operation control of frequent train service for an efficient urban railway
  9. Master course the 1st.

    • Ryu Shimizu Ryu Shimizu Proposal of train resucheduling method focused on energy management of train group in urbun railway
  10. Undergraduate 4th.

    • Shota Miyoshi Shota Miyoshi Proposal and evaluation of energy-saving auto train operation for electric railway with increasing acceleration
    • Seigo Wakui Seigo Wakui Proposal of rapid magnetic field design method of transverse and longitudinal flux type permanent magnet linear synchronous generator for wave power generation
  11. Research Student

    • Feng Zhe Feng Zhe �@